Adult Dance Class - Tuesday 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Grace Academy Dance Studio is pleased to announce that Adult Classes will commence in Term 4.  Our Adult Class will aim to focus on different content throughout the term. The content will range from stretch, strengthening and conditioning classes, HIIT, circuit work and open dance classes with a focus on Jazz technique and small routines. This class is currently only available to Grace Lutheran College and St. Paul’s Lutheran Primary School staff and will be held in M30.

There are two payment options:
Term rate: $125*
Casual rate: $17.50 per lesson **

* Term Rate is guaranteed 34 lessons over the year paid in equal installments each term.
** Casual rate must be paid 2 weeks in advance.

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1.   Payment of Fees

1.1.  I/We agree to pay the tuition and incidental fees, as set out on the annual fees notice, by the due dates, unless a prior arrangement has been made with the Director. I/We agree to be jointly and severally liable for the payment of all fees and charges levied by Grace Academy. I/We acknowledge that these fees and charges may be varied on an annual basis at the discretion of Grace Academy. Any changes to fees will be advised in advance.

1.2.  I/We agree that if fees remain unpaid for an extended period the ongoing enrolment of my/our child may be jeopardised. Where the enrolment is discontinued, the unpaid fees will still be a debt due and owing to Grace Academy.

1.3.  I/We acknowledge that fees will be billed at a fixed price per term rate.

1.4.  All tuition delivered to Grace Lutheran College students on Grace College campuses will have Term 1 and 2 fees will be billed together on Term 2 College fee statement. Terms 3 and 4 will be included on the relevant term’s invoice.

1.5.  All tuition delivered either to non-Grace Lutheran College students on Grace College campuses or Grace Lutheran College students in non-Grace College locations will be invoiced prior to or at the commencement of the current term.

1.6.  I/We acknowledge that where the option is provided to allow fortnightly instalments that payments are to be kept at least two weeks in advance with full payment to be finalised by 3:00pm on the last Friday of the current term. 

1.7.  All tuition fees for non-regular tuition, such as short courses, is paid upfront via online ticketing which will be available at the time of enrolment.

1.8.  I/We acknowledge that Grace Academy reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for any refunds requested for non-regular tuition events, including short courses, camps, workshops and tours.

1.9.  I/We acknowledge that refunds must be requested prior to the commencement of the event as listed below. After these times, Grace Academy cannot guarantee a refund will be granted. Refunds will not be offered should a student fail to attend their scheduled course and Grace Academy will not be liable to offer replacement lessons.

1.9.1.     Short courses workshops and masterclasses: 72 hours

1.9.2.     Camps: 7 days

1.9.3.     Tours: No later than final payment due date

1.10. If the enrolment agreement is terminated by Grace Academy in accordance with clause 5, or is otherwise terminated by the parents, Grace Academy will not be obliged to refund any pro-rate proportion of the fees paid in advance.

1.11. I/We acknowledge that failure to comply with payment of outstanding fee may result in outstanding accounts being referred to a debt collection agency for recovery.

1.12. I/We agree that Grace Academy may recover from me/us as a liquidated debt, all collection costs, including any costs of a commercial agent (and commission fees), relating to the collection of recovery of any amount owed by me/us to Grace Academy.

2.   Attendance and Absences

2.1.  Students enrolled in Grace Academy private, paired and/or group tuition lessons are guaranteed a minimum of 34 lessons per year, taught over 40 weeks. This allows for lost lessons due to public holidays, instructor/teacher illness and other campus events as approved by the Director.

2.2.  I/We acknowledge that individual students involved in paired and/or group tuition lessons do not have missed lessons rescheduled for any other reason than those listed in clause 6. Lessons which fall under these categories will only be rescheduled if it appears that the minimum number of lessons for the year will not be reached.

2.3.  I/We acknowledge that students in private tuition lessons are eligible to receive five (5) rescheduled lessons for an approved explained absence when 24 hours’ notice is given, or by 8:00am on the morning of the absence in the case of illness. Lessons with unexplained absences will be forfeited.

2.4.  Grace Academy will communicate all unexplained absences via email.  

2.5.  I/We agree that Grace Academy staff will not be held responsible for the safety of students prior to the start of a scheduled program session or subsequent to their departure. Parents/Guardians are required to collect their students no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the session.