Crazy For You

Audition Material

Orchestra: Most students will complete an ensembles audition at the end of 2018 and your selection for musical orchestra will be based on this. If we need further auditions, we will contact you directly.

Backstage Crew are not required to audition.

Cast - Leads and Chorus:

Below are links to the acting and singing requirements for the audition. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE THESE MEMORISED! You are advised to be familiar with this to help you on the audition day, but you will get some practice time and direction at the audition.


Read through these lines and be familiar with them, however, you are not required to have these memorised.

Download Script Here


Listen to these songs and be as familiar with them as you can. You only need to learn the sections on the lyric sheet, not the whole song.

HINT: Pay attention to the styles of singing in each song and do your best to convey these in your performance.

Download Girls' Song Lyrics

Download Boys' Song Lyrics


You will be taught a dance routine on the day of the audition