SENIOR DANCE TROUPE  -  Mrs Rachel Grieve                                                  

MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE TROUPE  -  Mrs Natasha Erskine                        

DANCE CREW  -  Mrs Natasha Erskine



Grace College Dance teachers are enthusiastic women who have a passion for dance and education.  At times, outside tutors are employed by the school.  All tutors are Blue Card holders and are employed by the College as our Dance instructors.



Nicole Spies - Senior School Dance Captain
Mykaela Hollindale - Senior School Dance Captain

Summer Gibbs - Middle School Dance Captain
Isabella Caniglia - Middle School Dance Captain



In all things at Grace we recognise that our gifts come from God, and Dance is no exception. Dance is a human activity, a gift God gives us to express our joy and sometimes to reveal our sorrow. Dance at Grace attempts to encourage young people to use and develop this gift through a variety of dance styles and contexts (both Christian and Secular). The Dance teachers at Grace aim to teach the technical skills necessary for performance and give the students an opportunity for some choreographic outlet. The program further aims to support the curriculum subject Dance, offered from Year 7 through to Year 12, allowing students to consolidate their skills in a fun workshop environment. Each lesson will consist of a warm-up section, followed by technique and the development of a routine for performance. This year our teachers are eager to offer one performance opportunity per term, so team performance is an expectation of involvement in the program. What sets the Grace program apart from studio programs is that we want to encourage all students to dance whether they have previous experience or not. Both senior and middle school performance teams are selected by audition whilst Dance Crew is an ‘all comers groups’. We look forward to a year of sharing in the joy of dance with your students.



 1.   Attendance at both rehearsals and performances is essential. The team cannot operate successfully if each week there are members away. Grace Academy have a 3 strikes rule. Missing 3 rehearsals will cause your position in the ensemble to be reviewed. Late arrivals to rehearsals will be considered in the same manner. Any absences must be followed up by a note from parents.

2.   Attire/Costumes – students in rehearsal are to be dressed in comfortable and modest dance clothing. Girls, no midriffs or revealing tops please. Footwear is not essential, but is recommended for some ensembles. Dance footwear ranges in price from soft leather jazz shoes or booties (approx. $70.00 new) to various other performance shoes (up to approx. $150.00).  Please note: black shoes are preferred; these are more uniform in performance. Performance costumes are supplied by the College, though students may be required to provide some aspect or costume (e.g. leotard, singlet, stockings). This information will be provided as necessary. All members are required to purchase a Grace Academy Polo. Information about how to order these will be available soon.  

3.   Behaviour – students must offer dance tutors the same respect and consideration given to all staff at Grace. Students are expected to respect others and work towards developing a non-judgemental and supportive team atmosphere. NB: Dance tutors will refer any disciplinary issues to the Grace Academy Dance Co-ordinator.

4.   Performance expectation – While we value the process of learning to dance we believe that skills are consolidated through performance. Our aim is to provide most dance students with 1 performance opportunity per term (or equivalent). We ask that as dates become available you place them in your families’ calendars. Team performance is an exhilarating experience that builds student confidence and self-esteem.

5.   Cost - No cost for classes; the teachers costs are covered by the College. Events such as Tours, Eisteddfods and workshop days will have a cost attached and these will be advertised as required.



Senior Dance
Thursday mornings 7.00 am to 8.00 am in Dance Room R5/R6

Middle School Dance
Friday mornings & occasional Monday mornings 7.00 am – 8.00 am in Dance Room R5/R6

Dance Crew
Monday lunch in Dance Room R5/R6

Please note that additional rehearsals may be called as necessary leading into performances. Additional rehearsals will be scheduled in Term 4 for Grace Celebrates.



If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Mrs Rachel Grieve
Dance Co-ordinator – Grace Academy

Ph: 3897 2118

Mrs Natasha Erskine
Middle School Dance Troupe Director
Ph: 3897 2118