National Final of the DanceLife Unite Eisteddfod

We will need this information no later than Thursday 8 August, in order to secure our entry of each individually registered student by Friday August 16th.




Student Name *
Student Name
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Some students have indicated that they will be in Sydney for the Australian Dance Festival or other commitments prior to this event. Please indicate if you would like to have the option of own transport to and/or from Sydney
I give permission for my child to attend the Dance Nationals in Sydney *
I understand this trip will cost between $1000 and $1100 and the full amount must be paid by Wednesday 18 September. The exact amount and payment options will be advised once student numbers and flight/accommodation details have been finalised. *
I give permission for photos of my child to be taken during this event for social media and school promotion. Student names will not be used in theses posts *

Please complete if UNABLE TO ATTEND

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Student Name
My Child is unable to attend National Final of the DanceLife Unite Eisteddfod *