St Columban’s Concert Band Spectacular - Permission FORM

Following previous year’s success, on Saturday 14th October, Brass Ensemble will again be competing in the ensemble section of the St Columban’s Concert Band Spectacular, held at St Columban’s College, 100 McKean St, Caboolture.

Students are to arrive at the venue by 8:30am for registration and warm-up.  Brass Ensemble is scheduled to perform at approximately 9:13am, with the section finishing at approx. 11am.  Students are able to leave following their scheduled performance although would be good for them to stay around and watch some other ensembles and the award presentation if possible.  Students should be in full performance uniform.

To indicate your student’s attendance at this performance, please fill out the permission form.



Student Name *
Student Name
I give my child permission to attend the performance at the St Columban’s Concert Band Spectacular. I understand that I will need to arrange their transport to and from the event. I understand they will be expected to wear full Performance Uniform to the event. *