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Certificate III in Music Industry (CUA30915)

Turn your love of music into a career in the music industry with a Certificate III in Music Industry (CUA30915)

The ‘Certificate III In Music Industry’ could be the ideal course for you to learn about the music industry and to develop your musical performance skills. The structure of the course offers you the flexibility to focus on the skills you would like to develop.

You will receive training in recording, production, musicianship and an introduction to a range of music technologies. By studying various musical styles and songwriting you will develop an understanding of the inner workings of the music industry. You will also gain copyright knowledge and acquire performance experience through a variety of opportunities to perform in a range of settings.

Pre-requisite:    Ability to play an instrument or sing is desired but not essential
Duration:           2 years | 1 afternoon per week
Investment:      $275/term in 2020 (subject to annual review)
QCE:                  8 points






BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
CUACMP301 Implement copyright arrangements
CUAIND303 Work effectively in the music industry
CUAMLT302 Apply knowledge of style and genre to music industry practice
CUASOU202 Perform basic sound editing
CUASOU307 Record and mix a basic music demo
CUASOU306 Operate sound reinforcement systems
CUASOU308 Install and disassemble audio equipment
CUAMCP301 Compose simple songs or musical pieces
CUAMCP303 Develop simple musical pieces using electronic media
CUASOU203 Assist with sound recordings


Delivered in partnership with RTO 41549 - College Of Sound And Music Production