Dance, Drama, Tech and Musical signups are held at the beginning of each year, or students can contact the group director. For music enrolments, please follow the link below. Contact us for more information.

Dance Crew

DIRECTOR: Ms Meg Schrodter


REHEARSAL TIME: Monday Lunchtime

Dance Crew is essentially an ‘all-comers’ group where students are given the opportunity to learn and improve their dance skills.  Prior dance experience and auditions are not required and the dance teacher runs the class to cater to the variety of levels and interests of the students involved.

Students are taught a wide variety of techniques and styles in a dance class environment. Each week the session begins with a warm-up and is followed by choreography where the students learn routines that are polished and used for school performances throughout the year.  These groups may contribute to performances at school events and services as well as Performing Arts concerts.

The group rehearses one lunch time each week and while this group is a less performance-oriented ensemble, a high level of student commitment to rehearsals and performances is still required.

Dance Troupe

DIRECTOR: Ms Meg Schrodter

ENTRANCE: Auditioned

REHEARSAL TIME: Tuesday Afternoons

Co-curricular Dance at Grace Lutheran College allows students to explore dance in a safe and appropriate way.  The College ethos suggests that at Grace we are preparing young people for life and work in the world.  This is pivotal in the selection of style, dance technique, music and choreography where the function of dance seeks both to celebrate our Christian faith (Liturgical Dance) as well as explore dance for dances sake (Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap).  Dance Troupe is auditioned based.  Students of all dance abilities are welcome and encouraged to audition.

This ensemble comprises up to 15 students.  The group rehearses once during the school week.  Students are taught a wide variety of techniques in a dance class environment.  Each week the session begins with warm-up and technique and is followed by choreography where the students learn routines that are polished and used for both school and external performances throughout the year.  This group contributes to performances at school events and services as well as Performing Arts concerts.  Costumes are provided by the College, however, some basic items may be asked of the students, depending on the nature of the routine.  

Drama Club

DIRECTOR: Ms Tavia Seymour



Drama Club is an all comers group catering specifically for Year 7 Students to introduce them to Drama Troupe style activities, including preparing one or two skits and some Theatresports skills, in a safe and welcoming environment.  Drama Club usually runs one lunch time per week.


Drama Production

DIRECTOR: Ms Tavia Seymour

ENTRANCE: Auditioned

REHEARSAL TIME:  As scheduled

Drama Productions are a team of students, who under teacher direction, work towards the polished performances of a full play.  Cast sizes vary and are dependent on interest and student ability.

The production process from beginning to end is approximately 12 weeks, with two afternoon rehearsals per week till 6pm and 2 additional extended rehearsals (technical and full dress runs).  A comprehensive schedule is published at the start of each production, which includes specifics of the afternoon rehearsals and highlights dress and technical rehearsals, possible holiday practices and performance dates.

When the script is cast and roles and responsibilities are accepted, the students’ full commitment to the production process is expected and taken seriously.  Attendance at all rehearsals is expected as all deadlines, such as lines, costumes, set and so on, must be met.  Focus and respect for each other in rehearsals is also expected.

Student Assistant Directors are optional and selected at the discretion of the director; they may also come from the cast.  Responsibility, servant leadership, mentoring ability and creativity are some key criteria.


Drama Troupe

DIRECTOR: Ms Tavia Seymour



Drama Troupe aims to provide students with a performance outlet for their drama skills and to promote learning and sharing within the school community.  This ensemble also provides an outreach into the wider community.  The ensemble is open to all students regardless of studying Drama as a subject at the College.  The group consists of around 10 students with places offered through an open audition process.  New places may come up in the year as vacancies occur.  Any subsequent place in the ensemble will also be by open audition.

An example of the types of events that the ensemble may provide performances, may include Opening and Closing Services, Easter Service, Open Day, visits to local schools, hospitals and church communities, tours, outdoor chapels, drama festivals and other special events as they arise.

Students joining this ensemble require a high level of commitment to the ongoing rehearsal process as well as commitment to attending all performances of the group.  Rehearsals will occur weekly.

Students will require a set of blacks (black trousers, black shirt) as an all purpose costume. 

Theatre Sports

DIRECTOR: Ms Tavia Seymour


REHEARSAL TIME: Tuesday Lunchtime

Theatresports is improvised drama games with a variety of rules and constraints. Teamwork, story and creativity are the main focus.

Theatresports is open to students in all year levels.  In the past, senior students have run an informal lunch competition under the leadership of the coach.  They usually undertake mentoring in the games of younger, less experienced students and the space is open to audience and participants.  The audience nominates games and anyone can get up and have a go.  Once some basic games and skills have been taught this can, depending on the level of interest, develop into an informal, just-for-fun comp, leading to semis and a final.  This school based competition enables the coach to gain an idea of student ability and interest.  From here, teams for the interschool competition are established during Semester 1 (dependant on competition dates set early in the school year).  Auditions may be necessary depending on numbers.  Teams of 4-6 students are established based on the audition and dynamics of the combined participants.  The number of teams chosen depends on the interest and ability of students.

Senior students, by virtue of experience, will often dominate the selected teams, however, Middle School students still have the opportunity to audition fairly and those accepted are then invited to join the team training sessions 1-2 lunchtimes a week with occasional after school sessions depending on needs.  This is a great opportunity to learn the games and train with the teams.  The competitions are usually held at other schools and advertised within the College: audiences are encouraged.

The informal lunch competition generally begins in Term 2, but it can begin earlier or later depending on the how many other events are on.  This is held one lunch time during per week.

The interschool competition varies depending on the organisers but tends to be held in Semester 1.  In preparation for this, students may have an afternoon rehearsal each week for a few weeks leading up to the competition.  Also in preparation for the competition, an ‘Impro Night’ can be held which showcases the teams and encourages audience interest.

It is expected that the students will show commitment, teamwork and servant hood.  Theatresports is a lot of fun and a great way to develop dramatic and improvisational skills, as well as self-confidence.  Grace Lutheran College has a fine history of success in Theatresports competitions here in Queensland with many of our teams making it through to competition quarterfinal, semi-final and state final rounds.

Concert Band

DIRECTOR: Mr Kerry Thomas

ENTRANCE: Seating Audition

INSTRUMENTATION: Flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxphone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, double bass

REHEARSAL TIME: Monday, 3:15-4:30

Concert Band places are auditioned with all students being offered a place.  Students who play flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba or percussion are welcomed and are drawn from Years 7 to 12. 

Concert Band may perform at community-based events such as fetes, local crèches and school events as well as participation in tours. 

As this ensemble requires students to work as part of a team, it is necessary that students practice their music at home so as not to let other team members down and show a high level of commitment to rehearsals and performances.  It is not unlike a sporting team in this area.  It is expected that students in this ensemble are participating in some form of music lesson on their chosen instrument, as this will allow them to progress through the ranks of the ensemble and thus enhance their musical experiences.

Auditions for this ensemble are held for all participants each year.  Concert Band rehearsal once a week either before or after school.  

Drum Line*

DIRECTOR: Mr Nathan Poetschka




Drum Line provides percussion students with an opportunity to explore the variety of genres and styles that make up the area of percussion.  Drum Line is formed for special events as required.

String Ensemble

DIRECTOR: Mr Frank Fodor

ENTRANCE: Seating Audition

INSTRUMENTATION: Violin, viola, cello, double bass

REHEARSAL TIME: Tuesday, 3:15-4:30

String Ensemble consists of students that play violin, viola, cello or double bass. Ensemble work for stringed instrumentalists is important as it develops student’s sense of relative pitch.

String Ensemble plays a varied repertoire encompassing everything from movie soundtrack transcriptions to traditional string works.  Playing in this group allows students further opportunities for public performance.

While this ensemble is auditioned, no player of a stringed instrument will be denied participation.  It is expected that all ensemble members are having regular lessons on their instrument.

Attendance at performances is expected as is regular attendance at rehearsals.  String Ensemble rehearses once a week. 

Vocal Ensemble

DIRECTOR: Mr Nathan Poetschka


REHEARSAL TIME: Tuesday Lunchtime

Participation in vocal ensembles allows singers, instrumentalists and those who just love music to develop their vocal skills, ensemble skills and the love of joint music making.  The Vocal Ensemble is the ‘all-comers’ group that aims at fostering a love of music while developing a sense of healthy vocal technique in the choral context.  It is good value for singers of all year levels and abilities.

The repertoire chosen for this group is selected from a range of popular vocal music and classic choral works.  Students find themselves singing songs from hit movies, top of the charts and classical concert hall pieces.  Some arrangements are set as unaccompanied pieces while others have piano or rhythm section accompaniments.  Part-singing plays an important role in developing harmonic awareness within the choir and so vocalists sing songs in unison and up to four parts.

Rehearsals are conducted once a week.  It is the expectation of all students who participate in the Vocal Ensemble to consistently attend these weekly rehearsals.


Worship Bands

DIRECTOR: Mr Nathan Poetschka


INSTRUMENTATION: Guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocal, other


The Worship Bands consists of three ensembles; Years 7-8, Years 9-10 and Years 11-12 and may perform at a variety of school events as well as local church and community events.  Worship Bands are responsible for providing the music at school chapels and Opening & Closing Services.  Students in this ensemble have the opportunity to explore a variety of worship styles and musical genres.  The group includes vocalists, guitarists, bass guitarists and drummers with additional instruments added when appropriate.

Attendance at performances is expected, as is regular attendance at rehearsals. Worship Band rehearses once a week.

Caboolture Campus Musical

ROLES: Cast (Leads, Chorus), Orchestra (Senior musical only), Costuming, Makeup, Backstage Crew, Set Design and Construction

ENTRANCE: Cast and Orchestra Auditioned, Other roles signup

Grace has a long tradition of excellence in the staging of Musicals. Students from the Caboolture campus have participated in senior productions of Anything Goes (2015), Beauty and the Beast (2013) and West Side Story (2011).

Musical productions give students the opportunity to combine their gifts and work across art forms in performance.  They are an opportunity for collaboration amongst a variety of departments within the school context, where staff lead the way in revealing to students how appreciating the strengths of others and working together towards a shared goal or vision, can offer extraordinary personal rewards and satisfaction.  This cross-arts collaboration encourages students to share their strengths and learn new skills in other areas of the arts.

A Musical is acknowledged as a big commitment.  Academics and students welfare must be taken into account prior to and for the duration of the Musical process.  Students and parents are clearly informed of the commitment requirements prior to the start of rehearsals and are asked to consider their student schedule and academic status, keeping in mind the benefits of the production before allowing their student to commit to the production.  Staff at the College, are aware of at risk students, who if they choose to commit to the production are carefully monitored and offered aid where necessary.  Students and parents are asked to sign a commitment form, which is given out at the parent night along with a comprehensive rehearsal schedule to help parents and students make an informed choice about their involvement.

The Musical process is an intense one, however not only do students benefit from and enjoy the thrill of a big production experience, but they walk away with interpersonal skills that can only be gained from this kind of involvement.


Tech Crew

DIRECTOR: Ms Tavia Seymour


This crew supports and is focused on the various productions and events held by the Performing Arts Department with a particular focus of Drama Productions. It is open to all age groups (numbers are not limited) and provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop their lighting, sound and stagecraft skills through practical experience and mentoring, as well as specific hands on, one-on-one training (with some theoretical training).                 

The crew is established at the beginning of the year. Students interested may be asked to offer an expression of interest in writing, which leads to an informal interview process and probationary period.

Selection is at the discretion of the Crew Director and is based firstly on their judgment of the interested students maturity and responsibility, secondly, safety awareness and thirdly, interest and skill.

The Technical Crew runs all year and students are rostered onto specific productions.

Experiences include rigging, focusing, designing and operating lights in a wide variety of contexts and staging spaces. Setting up and operating basic sound equipment, stage handling, technical rehearsals and full productions.

The opportunity to learn about and experience the position of stage manager is offered. It is a position that is usually earned through experience and developing skills that are learnt through taking on assistant positions.

Rehearsals vary from show to show. There is often rigging at lunchtimes, although this is rotated amongst the team.  After school attendance varies depending on each production’s rehearsal schedule and can be at short notice, particularly as tech is an area where things can be quite fiddly.

Students learn to be responsible for equipment and are taught safety conscious behaviour.  Commitment, respect and availability are expectations.  A position in the Technical crew generates inter-year level interaction, teamwork and peer mentoring. It allows students to work together using God-given gifts and talents and encourages servant hood.  Students work under often more intense, yet rewarding conditions.

*Extension Ensembles

Our Instrumental Ensembles work on a Primary and Extension Ensemble system.  The Primary Ensembles are the base groups from which Extension Ensemble members are drawn.  Therefore members of Extension Ensembles must participate in one of the Primary groups.  Commitment to the Primary Ensemble plus consultation with both the Primary and Extension Ensemble Directors, determines placement in an Extension Ensemble.