Tuition Enrolment
Grace Lutheran College - Caboolture and Rothwell campuses

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Our excellent instrumental tuition program offers both private and group lessons on a variety of instruments as well as public speaking and communication.

The Instrumental Program incorporates experienced private instructors of Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Guitar, Piano, Vocals (both Classical and Contemporary) and Song Writing who can take students through exams or simply provide the necessary skills to enjoy playing.  The program enables students to utilize school hours to attend lessons, with care being taken to ensure students are not missing the same subject lessons on a weekly basis.  

Alternatively, Grace Academy offers the opportunity for group instrumental lessons (e.g. a class of up to approximately 4 students in a 50 minute lesson).  Group lessons are available on Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Guitar and Vocals and paired lessons on Piano.

We offer group and paired Public Speaking and Communication lessons.  The voice is your most powerful asset, and these lessons focus on how to use it more effectively with clarity and confidence.

Grace Academy has a range of instruments available to loan at an upfront yearly fee of $250.00.  Loan instruments are limited and therefore subject to availability.   

The cost of lessons in 2018 is as follows:

  • Paired Public Speaking and Communication Lessons (30 minutes) - $210 per term
  • Private Public Speaking and Communication Lessons (30 minutes) - $315 per term
  • Group Instrumental Music Lessons, excluding piano (50 minutes) - $200 per term
  • Paired Instrumental Music Lessons, piano only (30 minutes) - $210 per term
  • Private Instrumental Music Lessons (30 minutes) - $315 per term
  • Private Instrumental Music Lessons (45 minutes) - $450 per term

$25.00 Tuition Enrolment Deposit applies (Please see Terms and Conditions below)


Terms and Conditions

Students are guaranteed a minimum of 34 lessons per year under our private and group tuition program, and will be invoiced each term accordingly.  Payment for lessons beyond that is not expected.  This allows for lost lessons due to Public Holidays, instructor illness and whole school events such as Sporting Carnivals.  Individual students involved in group lessons do not have missed lessons made up other than for these reasons.  Long-term absences may be negotiated with the Director of Grace Academy.  Students involved in private lessons will have up to 5 lessons per year made up for explained student absence when 24 hours’ notice is given, or on the morning of the absence in the case of illness.  Lessons with unexplained absences will be forfeited.  To help keep track of attendance, notes are sent home when students are absent from a lesson without notice.  

Students intending to discontinue lessons are required to complete a ‘Notice of Intention to Discontinue Instrumental Lessons’.  Student’s advising of their intention to discontinue lessons are required to do so prior to the end of the current term in order to avoid any unnecessary additional fees in the subsequent term.  Cancellation requests received after the commencement of term or during term will be invoiced for the full amount of the current term’s fees.  Please note that Term 1 and 2 fees will be billed together on the Term 2 school fees.

If your student is interested in taking advantage of this invaluable opportunity, or you would like further information, please complete the above online application form.   

A non-refundable enrolment deposit of $25.00 per applicant is payable upon submitting all tuition applications to Grace Academy.  The full amount of the enrolment deposit will be deducted from your first fees account once your application has been finalised.  Should your application be withdrawn prior to commencement of lessons, the enrolment deposit will be forfeited in full. 

Enrolment deposits may be made by going to the Grace Academy Homepage and following the prompts below:

  • Click on Online Payments
  • Click on Grace Academy and press NEXT
  • Select Tuition Enrolment Deposit from the Event/Activity Name